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Gold-Silver-Take Control of Your Future - A Not So Brief Journey in Time..

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Once Again Follow The Pattern & Links - Start To Think about The Wider Historical Connections - Its Biblical - 5G is The Next Flood?

Electro - Magnetic - Waves - 60GHz - WiGig.

The Cashless Society Their Final Objective For Those After The Cull.

On The Way - Asset Theft & Genocide.

There is Hidden Ancient Knowledge in Plain Sight. There Are Those Who Want To Keep It From You.

We Are Born With Dominion Over The Land Air & Water.. Natural LAWs.

We Are Entitled To Our Share of The Planets Resources For The Time We Are Here. Our Ancestors or Those Who Wish To Protect Humanity Left Clues.

Corporations & Secret Societies Through Acts of Fraud, Theft & Counterfeit Contracts Using DOG LATIN, Babylonian Babble, Corrupted Language Used This Lack of Knowledge To Enslave Humanity Using The Birth Certificate Mechanism after the Global Bankruptcy 1933 .

Cestui Que Vie Acts - Trusts 1666 - Managed via Banking Cartels & Administrative Functions on Behalf of The Vatican By Corrupted Governments and Secret Society Members Have Profit From This Lack of Teaching and Sought To Steal Not Only Your Wealth But Your Energy.

Placing A Value on Our STRAWMAN (DEAD ENTITY) and Fooling Us That We Were This Entity Has Brought Them Great Wealth. Retracing Our Ancestors Steps, Gives Us The Solutions.

As We Are In A Silent War, There Is Value To Them On Our Death. Hence The Corona Virus - Hoax - Pandemic & Corona Virus Bill & Act.. Ongoing Post..

More Recent Events

Step 1: 1933 Making The World Bankrupt - Rothschild's - Central Bankers.

George Bush The Elder Was The CIA Head At This Time.

The CIA Were Created From Reinhard Galens SS NAZI Intelligence Network.

7000 Nazi SS (Ashke-Nazi) Project Paperclip. Left Spain For South America.

If the truth were known why The Holy Roman Empire stretched to

Hadrians Wall, We'd all be Dumbfounded.

Who are behind these and Where are they Now?

Physical - Commercial/ Trade - Currency

STEP 2: Print Money 1971 Onward -

Now The Reserve Currency is Off The Gold Standard.

Is The New World Order That New? - The Kabbalah

Mystic Teachings.

The Spiritual Energies of The Universe - are Inside of Us!!

One DNA Sample Will Tell You About The Energy Inside of Us.

When I Look At Myself I See Patterns Of The Divine. Kabbalah.

Extract: The Great Pyramid Giza

To help humans pass the test, God the ELOHIM appointed Satan before he is executed for his crimes to start a school on earth to teach mortals to know evil. Knowing what evil is, equips the Saints appointed to high office to learn to snuff out evil in the bud like a mushroom wants to grow in the dark. It works automatically like the immune system to keep our body healthy and free from deadly bacteria explained in biology genes-science. Life experience teaches us how terrible the consequence of sin is and to recognize EVIL before it can develop. All the mistakes we made in Satan's school are forgiven by the blood of Jesus shed on the cross but needs our acceptance..

At Age 40 One Gains Esoteric Understanding.

A Rite of Passage.

Life Begins At 40?

22 Letters of Hebrew Alphabet - Energy Patterns That Fuse Life Itself.

Hebrew Words Derive The Energy That Drives The Animals - Spirit Energy. Divine Energy.

ZOHAR - The Book of Radiance. Written 135 AD Published 1200's

The Key To Zohar Appeared in 1500's. Jews spoke Aramaic at this time. Mishna - Hebrew, Talmud - Aramaic.

UK Statute Courts Work in Talmudic Law, Roman Law and Admiralty Law.

The Written Word Has Longevity - Continuity

Jewry Expelled From Spain 1200 - 1300.

1500's Kabbalah Not Studied By All - But A Few.

Nazi - Ashke-Nazi

Every Soul Has Sparks They Need To Reclaim

Your Soul Can Unlock Specific Sparks.

We Are Guided To Sparks - We Have To Connect.

That Fixes What Is Broken - To Fix The World.

In The Darkest of Spaces There Is So Much Spark To Collect.

STEP 3. You Physically Become The Money - Digital Signatures - RFID

666 - 3 x 6 Bit Bytes.

Credit Is Perception Only. Ledger Entries, Counterfeit.

They Are To Take Their Worthless Paper & Debased Currencies.

Maximize Control - Minimum Resistance to Control

Collapse of Currency - Destroy the Faith of the People in Each Other

The Chipped (Mark of The Beast) Individual

Will Be Those Who Transact In This Environment

666 or 6-6-6 The 18 Bit byte 3 x 6 Bit Byte.

Solution of The New World Order.

Carl Sanders Talk To A Church Congregation Should Be Watched in Full Within The Post Below. Lead the RFID Chip Development Team for A Govt Contract To Track and Trace Drug Shipments? This Was A Lie As He Found Out.



The Golden Ratio/ Number/ Proportion is Natural

Bill Cooper. Behold a Pale Horse to Gold Silver As Money. Silent Weapons Quiet Wars


Everything that is expected from an ordinary weapon is expected from a silent weapon by its creators, but only in its own manner of functioning.

It shoots situations, instead of bullets; propelled by data processing, instead of chemical reaction (explosion); originating from bits of data, instead of grains of gunpowder; from a computer, instead of a gun; operated by a computer programmer, instead of a marksman; under the orders of a banking magnate, instead of a military general.

It makes no obvious explosive noises, causes no obvious physical or mental injuries, and does not obviously interfere with anyone's daily social life.

Yet it makes an unmistakable "noise," causes unmistakable physical and mental damage, and unmistakably interferes with the daily social life, i.e., unmistakable to a trained observer, one who knows what to look for.

The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon.

WHY 5G And Destruction of YOUR DNA (Vaccination 060606)

YOU ARE SPECIAL - Beyond Belief.

Why Do They Want To Track & Trace?

Who are They Really Looking For


The Great Pyramid in Giza Reveals Next Earth Axis Change (Updated 5-21-18 by adding a YouTube video if not erased) The Revelation of the Pyramids (Documentary) (8-22-16) After researching and writing Pearl #250, I realized that this pearl needed updating. It reveals another witness for the Babushka egg concepts linked to dating events in a divine master plan for a future universe. The Great Pyramid in Giza is one of the world’s wonders from ancient times.

Its architect-builder was Enoch, who was the seventh generation from Adam.

He received instruction from ELOHIM on how to build this pyramid as a library preserved in stones. The Great Pyramid is a monument revealing the fantastic design of the earth’s creation and place in the universe.

It has embedded within it some very complex mathematics for space travel, the earth’s dimensions, weight, speed, tilt axis, size, diameter, and circumference and more. The mathematics is phenomena..

Break - Read The Full 6 Page Document.

Similarly, God's cycles for mortals are embedded in the biggest pyramid library from ancient times. We should check what else could be embedded and not yet discovered, if you want to better understand the future. The Great Pyramid contains massive data that can be matched like the gears of a cuckoo clock.

The process activated many other laws converting energy, which must tie in with mathematics. To prove that each of three civilizations has historic cycles marked on the dial of the Great Pyramid with embedded dates we need to check:

1. The first ancient civilization was recorded in the 6000 year old Torah-Bible with a lot of details and started with Adam (4068 BC) to Noah (2288 BC) which ended with the first asteroid strike on 5 February 2287 BC (JC). That caused a gigantic earth-axis wobble.

The evidence is everywhere if you are educated in true science and included the forbidden metaphysic knowledge.

2. The Second civilization started from Noah to the projected Apocalypse 2008-2015. It also will end with an asteroid strike expected to hit the earth estimated after 17 September 2015. It is not only based on prophecy but proven with scientific data using high-tech telescope observations but needs the help of the metaphysics to date it to a precise day. Only God's GRACE could be the modifier giving extra warning for a time extension of two years to 17 September 2017. Remember, I use both science and metaphysical information to form an opinion which requires three (3) witnesses to verify an event to an exact day we will discover later. Consequently to explain the inserted (17 September 2017) extra date still must match the overlay with the HANS codes and cross referenced with Bible history similar when God initially announced to Nineveh: in 40 days you are history! Consistent with his character, he waited a little more for the final judgment to give us more GRACE for repentance. Grace also means "5" overlaid with HANS.

3. The third civilization is truly an unusual major civilization to last 1000 years never experienced by mankind known as: GOD'S KINGDOM ON EARTH (2018-3018).

In comparing future blueprint structures given by ELOHIM, I noticed that all have the fingerprint of "5" which means "the other metaphysic side, or window" in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) . The same scaled mathematics can be found in Noah's Ark, the Wilderness Tabernacle, the covenant box Moses built, Solomon's Temple and Ezekiel's future Temple during the thousand year of God’s Kingdom on Earth - all is amazingly balanced and divisible by an absolute ratio of (5) referred to in both dimensions. Therefore, the Great Pyramid gives us how the universe functions and the divine measuring units demonstrated in physics and the laws of metaphysics unseen by mortals.

Break - Read The Full Document.

The purpose of the Great Pyramid is described in (Isai.19:19-20). The original Hebrew contains 30 words. Each letter has a numerical value attached described in the appendix: The Mystery of the Hebrew Language, [Page 445].

Adding all the numbers together yields the height of the Great Pyramid 5,449 in pyramid inches. A little on top is missing flattened out, as the key-stone like on the American dollar bill could be compared to Yeshua-Jesus Christ not yet arrived to rule as King of king and Lord of lords. 19 On that day there will be an ALTAR to YHWH in the center of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the LORD at its border. 20 It will be a sign and a witness to the YHWH of hosts in the land of Egypt; when they cry to the LORD because of oppressors, he will send them a savior, and will defend and deliver them.

Extract: Read

Therefore, the math embedded in Enoch’s time will apply to our present time. Our civilization was projected to end again with a second asteroid. The coming asteroid is already in an 825-day orbit, being 52 km in size and estimated to hit the earth by astronomical calculations in 2020, which became front cover in two magazines in 2006, though now forgotten. It will come a little sooner according to a Russian scientist who postulated that if a rock is rotating, one side gets hot and the other cold to alter the projection. The Bible prophecy dated it previously (17 September 2015) or perhaps one more orbit possibility after (17 September 2017) but still must be linked to Jesus’ last 70 yrs generation prediction as synchronized with an unusual Sun-moon eclipse never repeated in 500 years.

Only in a Jewish New Year a new king will start to reign witnessed in historic calendar cycles of ancient clocks exhibited globally in museums.

Giza Pyramid - The Central Point on the Planet

When Microwave Radio - Wave Guide Theory and

A Machine Built in Ancient Times

Becomes The Solution To Today's Problems - In The Right Hands

Much Can Be Done.

The Technology In The Wrong Hands Leads To Death & Destruction.

What Specifically Are They Looking For - Who Has It?

Who are They?

When TRUTH is denied by an Atheistic Priesthood corrupted to the core by hating the Bible, it causes Worldwide Destruction.

New Elemental Table Destroyed The Ability To Communicate With One Another.

DOG LATIN, Four Cornering - Babylonian Babble -

1933 Global Bankruptcy


Captured Everyone On The Planet As Property - Chattel - Slaves.

Missing, DEAD, Lost At Sea. - Cestui Que Vie Act 1666

You Are Owned - Vatican Ownership of Your Soul?

Ended November 2nd 1999.

Vatican - London - Washington DC

Movement & Shipment of All Time.

They Will Never Understand Real Science.

Only Those Who Pass The Test Will Survive and Inherit God's Kingdom on Earth

PAG - Discussions, Answers & Solutions. Connecting The Dots.

Solving The Problems Presented.

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